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. the victim fought him off and managed to escape and called police. >>> the obama administration wants the federal government to be in charge of safety regulations for subway and light rail systems throughout the country. it's taking shape in the wake of a deadly metro crash last june. we have reaction from metro riders. >> reporter: we've got to do something about this. that's what transportation secretary ray lahood told the washington post was the reaction at d.o.t. after nine people were killed on june 22nd when two trains collide. subway and light rail systems are under scrutiny. they believe oversight by state and interstate commits leave much to be desired. they want the government to assume that role as they do with. >> i think it's good they regulate the safety. >> if it's not necessary, scene it local. >> i think it's a good idea. it's long overdue. >> reporter: the tri-state oversight committee that's supposed to monitor metro is not as effective as it should be. >> it lacks the type of visibility that would make it work. i think we probably need a replacement for that. >> r
killers, murders, and could have done considerable damage to obama or joe biden. obama is the last person you want to be taking chances with because threats against him are up 400% since he became president. >> the pair claims they are part of an upcoming reality show called the real housewives of washington. the network that is going to air the show would not comment. >>> if you're waiting for the family to come in or thinking about leaving out late tonight for the thanksgiving holiday, lets take a quick look at some of the transportation routes. we're live at reagan airport, with you officials estimate about a million people will pass through, but that number is lower than last year. here is a picture of i-95, and the traffic is moving, and that's good news. a quick look at i-66, and tonight, there doesn't seem to be any reason for back ups. traffic is moving well. there could be overnight driving problems, so we'll check in with our chief meteorologist. >>> the entire metro area is under a dense fog advisory until tomorrow morning at 9:00. a couple things to remember with dense fog, it
and virginia. guests started arriving just after 5:00 this evening. the president and mrs. obama were there to greet the youngsters at the north port ko. there was a box of m&ms and butter cookies and dried fruit mix with an activity book. the evening was capped off with a reception of military families and the families of white house employees. >> reporter: tonight we are vigilant because of the h1n1 virus. people giving out goodies have been advised to keep their hands washed. and wait to have their goodies handed out. >> going to make them wash their hands and wash all the plastics that we can off. the ones that we cannot we will go through by hand. >> what about the h1n1? are you going to wash anything? >> that's -- definitely, yes. [ laughing ] >>> shortages of the vaccine delay service to at risk groups at this area and forcing the cancellation of clinics. we report from alexandria where 1500 shots were given out before they ran out of the vaccine. >> reporter: it took four hours for this family to get a shot. >> we brought snacks, books and toys and the neighbors came with us
. it was a blow to liberals who would let the obama administration to decide whether to cover abortions in the government-run health care. a vote on the health care plan came just after 11:00 p.m. tonight. democrats quickly reached that 218 number they needed for passage. now, the final vote was 220 to 215. it passed by only five votes but house speaker nancy pelosi compared to the passage to that of social security back in 1935 and then the passage of medicare some 30 years later. now, this clears the way for the senate to begin debate on this very important issue. if there are opportunities tonight to go live we of course will go to the u.s. capitol for live reaction to all this. >>> turning elsewhere tonight. about 7000 more people got their h1n1 vaccines today in fairfax county. digital correspondent saying many more people are still unprotected. >> reporter: public health authorities throughout the metro dc area are working out the bugs in their h1n1 clinic and with more vaccine available those at risk yet to be immunized may soon get their shots. for hundreds of families with youn
. >> president obama made it very accessible for anyone to visit the white house. >> reporter: the secret service is not amused. it has launched an investigation and issued this statement. our normal procedures were not followed and two uninvited individuals were able to get in. the secret service says all guests were screened for weapons and the president was never in danger. but some critics disagree. >> they could have been terrorist. they could have been serial killers. murderers. and they could have done considerable damage. >> reporter: thursday the couple's attorney issued this statement. they did not cross this event and look forward to setting the record straight. >> i don't have an invitation, but i figured you would understand. i guess it's a lot harder to cross a party for them than it is for them to cross a line at the white house. they will be prosecuted on their property. it's too early in the investigation to see whether they'll be prosecuted for allegedly crashing the white house. >> well, bravo has confirmed a production crew was following and filming the couple tuesday night be
come back for republicans following barack obama being the first president to take virginia in the race for president in 44 years. in mcdonald wins he would be the first republican elected in the state since 1977. the poll released today shows 6% of the voters were undecided. the republicans are clearly buoyed by these polls after losing control of the virginia senate. >> dave, thanks a lot. >>> turning elsewhere, afghanistan president car karzeid effectively won the second term. the other backed out, say ago fair election is impossible at this point and is urging residents not to accept runoff votes. the white house says it will work okay with karzeid despite allegations his government is corrupt. >> i will not participate in the november 7th elections. >> we will deal with the government. obviously there are issues we need to discuss, such as reducing the high level of corruption. these are issues we'll take up with president karzai. >> president obama is yet to decide if he'll send tens of thousands of new troops in afghanistan. last month was the deadliest month. >>> close to home,
was too corrupt. the obama administration wanted a rupoff. they hoped that would give -- runoff. they hoped that would give more. >>> commuters in northern california. the bay bridge is open once again. it has been closed for repairs for six days and that was a nightmare for about 280,000 commuters who use that bridge every day. >>> but no traffic worries for the uss new york. the ship glided up to new york city, the place it was named for. that ship was built in part from steel from the fallen united center. the ship's commissioning ceremony will be this saturday. >>> a woman survives after a crash. we have exclusive video from the accident scene, plus we'll hear from her mother. >>> an e-mail from a local vet clinic ends with swat team agents surrounding the business and an airline is saying sorry for forcing a mother and her two-year-old son off the plane. 9news now will be back in less than two minutes. don't go away. >>> we made some calls but no charges have come down yet in a deadly pedestrian accident. when emergency crews survived, they found her. the firefighters were
are competitive. >> it was the commonwealth of virginia that sent president obama to the presidency last year. >> reporter: creigh deeds will continue on with his job as state senator from bath, virginia a little wiser. >> carrying your banner for governor has been the biggest honor that i could have ever had bestowed upon me. thank you so much. thank you. >> reporter: i asked deeds campaign manager if this perhaps was a race that couldn't be won given the climate and the backlash toward obama, and he said no, any race could be won and they will be analyzing the race to make sure they don't repeat their mistakes. peggy fox reporting live in richmond. back to you. >>> new at 11:00, silver spring police say a victim shot near a mall was actually part of a drug deal gone bad. officers say someone shot the man outside of the golds gym last night but he is expected to survive. they say he was not a patron of the gym. detectives believe the victim and the suspect knew each other. so far no arrests have been made. >>> a local nightmare. two young lives lost. two teenagers die in what turns out to be
meeting president obama. it's four days since they crashed the state dinner without invitation. the white house ordered a fuel review into how it happened. questions are being raised about the president's safety. the secret service is apologizing and conducting a full review into how the couple was passed through its security and allowed inside the white house gates to mingle with the president, vice-president, cabinet members and a host >>> the secret service admitted to their credit that they did not check to see if these people were on the guest list, and that also implies they also did not make sure they put these people through their screening system. >> reporter: their friends in virginia horse country know them as tar and missy. they founded america's polo club competition. they've been interviewed in that capacity by 9 news now sports anchor sara walsh. >> if you don't have a great polo pony, you won't be a great polo player. >> reporter: their attorney steadfastly denied she crashed the state dinner, saying his client was cleared by the white house. this evening, mitz
:00 p.m. president obama says he is now close to announcing his new strategy for the war in afghanistan but so far neglected plans presented to him. pushing forward to clarify just how and when u.s. troops will turn over responsibility to the afghan government. he is also raising questions that could alter how many additional troops would be sent overseas and the amount of time they would actually be in the war zone. president obama also made it clear the u.s. commitment in afghanistan is not open ended. and military officials say the accused gunman at the fort hood massacre did not seek to leave the service after all. army says major nidal malik hasan did not ask to formally be released. he will be tried in military court. that could benefit him because the military justice system offers more protections than civilian courtrooms. if convicted he faces the death penalty. there are currently five men on the military death row but there has not been a military execution since 1961. >>> also new at 11:00 p.m. tonight's flu alert centers on an alexandria virginia teen who is among the first
held a ceremony for the 13 killed. president obama led the service and promised that the killer will be met with justice. mr. obama also met privately with the wounded and families of dead. >>> now, hasan is scheduled to be tried in military court. he's still in the hospital in stable condition. but he's awake and now able to speak. no word yet, though, when investigators will get to question him. army officials have also confirmed he seemed to have acted alone without outside direction. >>> new at 11:00, a marine from maryland as died while serving in afghanistan. 26-year-old sergeant charles cartwright of union bridge died on saturday. he was assigned to the first marine special operations battalion. the u.s. marine corps command in california. cartwright's declaration include two purple hearts and two combat action ribbons. >>> looking at headlines across the nation, tonight a deadly workplace shooting in a suburb of portland, oregon. a man opened fire inside a drug testing lab. he shot a female employee and wounded two other workers and then he killed himself. the gunman and
a tight deadline. president obama has said he expects a final bill on his desk by the end of the year. sunday the president urged senators to act quickly and decisively. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on baffle of behalf of the american people. >> what the bill will look like when it gets there is anyone's guess. kathryn brown, cbs news washington. >> it is not likely to move ahead this week on the health care legislation. >>> new developments from fort hood tonight. the loan lone gunman attended the same mosque as two of the september 11 hijackers in 2001. law enforcement officials say it is something they will look into. the director says he doesn't know if hasan ever prayed there. military officials are reaching out to the families of the victims trying to make sure they are receiving the proper emotional and physical support. >> we might be a small community to some people. but we have big hearts. >> military families make great sacrifices and support each other. >> we encourage all of our soldiers and family
for huge celebrations tonight and cheers went up from president obama. the president called the fall of the berlin wall an affirmation of freedom. >>> and home video captures the life and death drama at the national zoo today as a deer takes a very wrong turn and ends up in the lion's den. >>> alarming results for a study that looks at dangerous intersections across the nation. find out where dc ranks. >>> plus in tonight's flu alert, the number of deaths from h1n1 may not be accurate. 9news now will be back in two. >>> well, if you live around here, you already know crossing the street can be dangerous. in fact, during the 2007-2008-year, several pedestrians lost their lives. they're trying to get at why that happened and we have the story. >> reporter: over the past 12 years, more than 76,000 pedestrians have died on american roadways. a new study by the coalition for smarter growth and transportation for america ranks the greater washington area 3 second out of 52 of the highest region for pedestrian danger. >> 12% of traffic deaths are pedestrian. >> reporter: most pedestrian dea
a year ago when she endorsed then presidential candidate barack obama. >>> well, it is november, but i can't believe i'm hearing thunder out there. let's check in with topper shutt. what is the storm doing, top? >> we have a lot of thunderstorms essentially moving up i95 from south to north. we'll look at live doppler 9000. some of these are producing heavy rains. rainfall rates two inches an hour. we'll zoom into one of the heavier storms southeast of springfield on the east side much i95. this is going to push right through old town headed across 236 and eventually right into dc. this storm itself will produce rainfall of 1-2 inches per hour. you will hear thunder, you will see lightning. we will come back and have your wakeup weather in about 14 minutes. i will show you the lightning as well. >> thank you, topper. >>> new tonight, friends and family gathered to remember the life of a 9-year-old boy taken when he was killed by a robber. we sfoek with the child's -- spoke with the child's loved ones. >> reporter: hundreds of people packed into the church to spend a final night with 9-
the this morning and parts of the barrier islands also had some severe flooding. >>> as president obama decides what policy to pursue in afghanistan, the army today released a report showing increasing morale problems among the troops there. no surprise that those who have done multiple tours of duty in that country are having the most trouble. gary nurenberg is here with more on that. gary. >> reporter: well, derek, you've really zeroed in on what appears to be the key here. soldiers in their third or fourth tours have lower morale and higher incidents of stress, psychological and marital problems than those who have been in afghanistan for shorter periods of time. >> they're tired. and it's -- you know, year after year of continual deployment wears on you. >> reporter: the new army reports compares 14% of soldiers have some type of psych logical problem. 21% of men in the lowest ranks are having that kind of trouble. the increasing violence has a relation to the increasing stress. but one military expert says policy plays a roll as well. >> i think a lot of them aren't sure what the policy is
that was never passed on to other agencies. president obama is urging congress to hold off on hearings until law enforcement and the military finish their investigation. >> if there was a failure to take appropriate action before the shootings, there must be accountability. >> reporter: the investigation was far from the minds and hearts of the victims' loved ones on this day of mourning. they said goodbye to 29-year- old staff sergeant amy kruger who vowed to single handedly take on osama bin laden. 19-year-old private first class aaron nmelka, an eagle scout who joined the army last year and 22-year-old specialist jason hunt a newly wed. all soldiers willing to give their lives for their country, never anticipating the enemy could be one of their own. catherine brown. cbs news. >> in tomorrow's washington examiner, a d.c. law passed more than a year ago to provide pre-kindergarten of all the cities three and four-year-olds has fallen flat. that full story in sunday's washington examiner. >>> sunny skies on the way for sunday. kim is next with the forecast. (announcer) in america we don't just
house state dinner did meet the president. came face-to-face with mr. obama and even shook hands with him. the white house is wondering what went wrong and secret service is left scrambling to find out how this could have happened. >> reporter: it's launched a full investigatn . federal agents visited the home and oasis winery business of tareq and michaele salahi. guesses included the mayor and cbs's katie couric. >> michele got ready for her white house appearance. >> i didn't bother because i was so crunched with time. but my goal was to really make her look amazing. >> reporter: the couple spent all day at the salon. gomez did her makeup and dressed her while another did her hair. >> the energy of the salon was definitely someone who wants to be noticed. >> reporter: they asked to see the invitation. >> she was like no problem. and she looked in her bag and she didn't have it in her bag. >> reporter: secret service who has taken blame for the breech is deciding whether to prosecute the couple. their attorney says they were cleared by the white house to be there. anita. >> so
. the money they pay in rent and leases less likely to be funneled to iran. derek around anita. >>> mr. obama ordered a review of all intelligence related to nidal hasan to determine whether or not it was properly shared and acted upon within the government. today the military charged the army psychiatrist with 13 counts of premeditated murder. he's accused of killing 13 people last week and injuring 29 others. >>> an alexandria teen can barely walk just after getting the h1n1 vaccine. he has been diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune reaction that can be triggered by flu shots. 9news now brittany morehouse spoke with the family and has his story. >> it's been quite traumatic to watch your son not be able to control himself. >> that's the hardest part. >> it's just not something you expect your child to go through, especially a child that is healthy. >> reporter: a healthy 14-year-old nearly crippled after taking a flu shot. >> it did make me scared. i was like, okay, what is going on. >> is that today's paper? >> reporter: jordan must push through months of growling therapy to walk as he did
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